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Questions and Answers

What is  RVP (Roser-Veil-Ploucquet)? RVP is no specified form of society, neither is it an association. It is an informal network, intertwined by marriage, formed by the three Families: Roser, Veil and Ploucquet. The family reunion has taken place annually for more than 100 years; a tradition that remains unbroken.
Why just these three famlies? Ever since the first intermarriage a strong bond of unity and interest  for one another has been preserved for almost 200 years.
What connects the family idealistically? We ask ourselves this question time and again.   The younger people among us  question themselves especially, should we go to the family reunion or not, what do we gain from it, what do I gain from relatives who I hardly know?
But despite the reservations the number of visitors coming to the reunion rises.
It is no doubt the many friendships that have been formed between uncles, aunts and cousins. And the fascination that over such a long period of time some people spur something on with a lot of commitment, pleasure and motivation that has no “necessary” reason.
Do you have to go to the reunion? No! The beauty of the reunions lies, among other things, in their voluntary character, aside from the small children, because they go where the parents go …!
Many of the young people go for years without attending a reunion  and then by chance pay a non-committal visit.
Everything costs money. Is it not spoken about? Of course! There is no member fee however voluntary contributions are a delight for the treasurers! Emerging expenditures are allocated. A certain sum is specified at the reunion as a guidline which those in attendance  can go by during the collection, but don’t have to.

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